Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Folio of Rui En

Photos of a Rui En folio which I had compiled since 2004. Mostly articles from the old RBKD Yahoo groups site which ran from 2003 to 2008.

Front page, Rui En's name in different colors.

8 days magazine and EzyHealth magazine

One of En's first few interviews with regards to her acting debut in "No Problem" (June 2002). Though she did star in the drama with Chen Liping, the 2 of them never really shared much screentime in the show, and they only started bonding in 2010.

In case you're wondering, yes that is Chen Hanwei with his "Teacher Fang" hairdo!! En's first drama role was as Jessica, girlfriend of Jinfu played by Hanwei.

Interview with regards to the release of her debut album in December 2002.

Appearing in Seventeen magazine and LIME magazine. LIME would cease publication in 2007, whereas Seventeen hung on for a few more years.

Jay Chou not only helped to promote Rui En's debut album in Taiwan (a very risky move esp for Singaporean talents), he also penned and composed her first single "į™Ŋ色įžŊ毛" (white feather).

some phone advertisements in Taiwan. En also appeared in Jay Chou's music video "An Hao".

Rui En in Taiwan.

Events in 2003

At Hougnag Mall on 20th June 2003.

At Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza on 19th July 2003.

At Raffles Place in either July or August 2003.

At Tiong Bahru Plaza on 14th March and 29th June 2003. I went for the 2nd date... while I did get her autographs, I totally blew my chance for a photo with her! 😩đŸ˜Ĩ😖

AcF promo at Watsons, Ngee Ann City basement level 2 on 6th September 2003.

Probably for some Healthy Living roadshow at MediaCorp in 2005.

Turf City on 14th September 2003.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Which original Infinity Stone does each Avenger represent?

The Infinity Gauntlet housed the six Infinity Stones which the Mad Titan named Thanos acquired throughout the entirety of Avengers: Inifnity War. When he snapped his fingers to begin the Decimation, half of all living creatures around the universe were wiped out. Most of the Guardians were wiped out, as were some of the Avengers. Among the survivors include the original Avengers: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, and Clint Barton who assumes the new identity of Ronin as seen in the "Avengers: Endgame" trailers. But could it be a coincidence that each original Avenger actually represents an Infinity Stone? Could it also be that the six Avengers combined are more powerful than the six Infinity Stones?

To begin let's start with most obvious...
Power Stone, located above the index finger, represents the Hulk. The Hulk who is the alter ego of nuclear physicist Doctor Bruce Banner, possesses raw, brute strength and unlimited power, and is often cited as the strongest Avenger.
Space Stone, located above the middle finger, represents Thor, who is the only Avenger who is able to travel across the Nine Realms and even used the Stormbreaker which enabled him to summon the Bifrost to transport him, Rocket and Groot to Wakanda to assist their allies against the Outrider army.
Mind Stone, located in the middle of the hand, represents Tony Stark. He is a genius, futurist and thinker who graduated from MIT at a young age, created his own armors, was able to create a new element to overcome tha palladium poisoning caused by his old arc reactors, and even integrated JARVIS into the consciousness of the android Vision.
The Time Stone, located at the thumb, represents Steve Rogers aka Captain America. He was originally from the 1940s, but was frozen in the Arctic for almost 7 decades, and by the time he was thawed out, he found himself in the year 2011. By the time he found Peggy Carter, she was already an elderly woman suffering from dementia.

Now to the more tricky ones...
Black Widow has been searching for a kindred soul ever since she switched allegiances from bad to good, and Hawkeye is the only Avenger with the reality of a family. But here's why the stones are swapped for both these non-superhuman members.
Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow is represented by the Reality Stone (located over ring finger). She is all about changing herself to play the part that is necessary, she's effectively obscuring people's perception of reality, making them think she's someone or something she's not. She's also the most grounded of the Avengers due to her lack of superpowers or abilities, the one whom many people can relate to.
Clint Barton aka Hawkeye is represented by the Soul Stone (located over pinky finger). He is a family man and is kind of the heart and soul of the Avengers. The Soul Stone  is set to hold a certain wisdom, and the only plausible reason why the Avengers lost their battles against Thanos was because Barton wasn't there to share any, since he was placed under house arrest as mentioned by Black Widow. The Soul Stone also requires a sacrifice to be obtained, and it's generally believed that Barton's family were victims of the Decimation, or rather sacrificed.

Each of the Avengers may even be able to use their respective Stone to fulfill a need or wish that works well with his/her character.
Bruce Banner could learn to control his power to perfection, to limit the collateral damage that the Hulk tends to cause when he's enraged.
Thor could use the Space Stone to effectively give himself Heimdall-like powers and watch over all Nine Realms at once.
Tony Stark could give his mind a boost and finally create some tech to protect the Earth without any Ultron-esque glitches.
Steve Rogers, who had a leading authority of waiting too long, could use the Time Stone to go back in time to have that dance with Peggy Carter and lvie happily ever after.
Natasha Romanoff could use the Reality Stone to change reality to wipe all that red from her ledger.
And Clint Barton could use the Soul Stone to resurrect his family.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Captain Marvel Fan Event at Marina Bay Sands

Yep I'm back after a long hiatus... as you may know, this blog is reserved for anything linked to movies or upcoming video games. But more importantly, I put up entries for the benefit of the few people who may not have social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram. And there was one event which I attended just last night, and it is... (drum roll)

Captain Marvel Fan Event!!

So basically I went to MBS on Sunday evening to see if I could get ticket for this event... lo and behold, tickets were still available!! I was glad to have heeded the advice of my 2 friends Mr S and Miss P, cos if I didn't go to MBS, then I would have missed out on the event.

Fast forward to yesterday with some very bad news... I sustained an ankle sprain on my right foot, which soon developed into GOUT ATTACK... and this is like the 6th time I kena gout again!! But since I had the ticket, I wasn't going to put it to waste. So at around 5.30 pm, I forced myself to get changed, put on my socks and shoes then booked a Grab Car to take me to MBS.

As I limped to the entrance and got my ticket scanned, I had to avoid colliding with anyone with huge bags or kids who ran too fast so as to avoid re-aggravating my foot injury. It was a horribly long wait for the show to actually begin, and to make matters worse, I was standing most of the time! I had no idea that there were huge projector screens at the back, and I would've sat over there if I had known that much sooner.

Among the few familiar faces were Jason Godfrey, Allan Wu, Oon Shu An, Genevieve Loh. And because this is the only stop in Asia where the Captain Marvel fan event was held, representatives from other Asian countries (Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines) were also present... though I was only more familiar with Joey Mead King.

At 1950 hrs, the show FINALLY started proper. Began with the post-credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War where Nick Fury managed to send a distress message to an old friend via his hi-tech pager, just before he turned into ash due to Thanos' Decimation.

Then the emcees graced the stage, they were Fly Entertainment artists Bobby Tonelli and Nikki Mueller. They talked a bit about the film and brought out 2 main Marina Bay Sands personnel: President/COO Mr George Tanasijevich and Vice President/General Manager of Walt Disney Studios Mr. Tom Bachelor. According to Mr Tanasijevich, the fan event is the 45th red carpet event held at MBS in the past 7 years.

I missed out the part where directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck emerged at the Red Carpet, cos i was updating my IG story at the time. The first cast member to show up was Samuel L Jackson, who made his MCU debut as Nick Fury in the post-credits scene of Iron Man (2008), and had starred in over 100 films during his 30-plus year career, including the recently released "Glass". Look, his phone cover is purple in color, a nod to his role of Jedi Master Mace Windu in the Star Wars prequels. I also saw fans holding up signs referencing his Pulp Fiction characters... fan signs such as "Ezekiel 25:13" and "To Samuel, Gemma and Brie... I Double Dare you take a selfie with me!"

Up next was Gemma Chan, who looked really stunning. She stars as Starforce member Minn-erva in the film, but here in Singapore she is better known for her role as Astrid Leong wife of Michael (Pierre Png) in Crazy Rich Asians. She immediately went forth to sign on various items and also do selfies with various fans at the fan sectors.

Last to grace the Red Carpet was Brie Larson herself, she looked really hawt in a revealing black top, and with a Captain Marvel logo pin at the back! Hard to believe that Brie is the youngest of the lot at 29 years of age (she turns 30 in October)... and she very nearly turned down the role cos she initially wanted to remain anonymous while taking on the role. Thankfully she changed her mind and accepted the role, underwent 9 months of training, and relished in the spotlight.

Brie was rushed to backstage rather quickly, but the directors, Gemma and Samuel stayed longer to sign on various items (including a custom-designed Infinity Gauntlet!!) and also took selfies with the fans.

Seconds before the directors graced the stage, I spotted Jaikishan, the Fly Entertainment artistes who starred as Julius in Tanglin, and also starred in Toggle Original series such as "Yes Mdm", "Life Spams", "No Catalogue" and "Glitch". For a while most of us had turned into Kree warriors under the blue lighting hehe 😆😁

First to grace the stage were directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. Anna is the first ever female director in the MCU.

Next up was Gemma Chan who nearly couldn't be seen due to the thick smoke that followed from the brief pyros.

"Do we have clearance for landing?" next up was Samuel L Jackson aka Nick Fury. He still looked so hip despite being 70 years of age.

A 2 minute video of empowering women (including breast cancer researcher Li Jingmei, female rights activist Anamah Tan, national wakeboarder Sasha Christian, race-car driver Claire Jedrek and Paralympic gold medallist Yip Pin Xiu) was shown, followed by Brie Larson's grand entrance. She really does look a lot like my colleague/supervisor who is slightly older than her. 😅😍💗

Samuel L Jackson appeared in a short video where he, George and Tom packed some Captain Marvel memorabilia into suitcases to send to a group of kids from AWWA. The cast and directors took photo with the volunteers, and later got another group photo towards the end.

I had already sit down on the floor at 2115 hrs as I was in a lot of pain. By the time the whole thing ended, it was already 2130 hrs. I limped out of the hall and first thing i saw was the group of fans (Jasmond, Jason, Kenny, Ting Ting, etc) taking photo with whichever celebrity they saw. I took photo with Thai social media infleuncer Sabina Meisinger, the Face Thailand 2014 winner who happened to be Eurasian. After which, Ilimped to the MRT station and took train to Bugis. Had a quick dinner there and took bus back home.