Monday, November 26, 2007

Pictures at Fuji Ice Palace

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Benedict Goh (the former host) and Meryl

Here are the pictures taken at the gathering by myself... not many good ones though. I vowed to take better pics come this Saturday.

Entering Jurong Entertainment Centre...

... and into Fuji Ice Palace.

Each fan from Nat and Fel fanclubs received a good bag that contains a Crocodile pouch, a Vitagen notebook and a Silkygirl calendar! Finally, something to cuddle onto at night :-p

Yours truly wif Nat... his future is certainly looking bright. I hope he wins Most Popular Newcomer award on December 16th! :-)

Nat putting on his skates

This is the pair of ice skates that I wore... the very pair that caused my toes to go numb for minutes. Ok, so ice-skating is soooo not my thing, I was more like an elephant trying to ice-skate, or rather like Darth Vader taking his first steps in the prosthetic limbs after his transformation towards the end of "Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith". But hey at least I tried.

Now I am officially a member of Nat's fanclub... :-) This is the membership card received by each member.

Nat signing on the poster... Felicia arrived at around this time and got cheeky wif Nat :-O
One happy extended family

That's about it I guess. And now I'm feeling the 'after-effects' of not asking Fel for a photo...

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