Thursday, May 09, 2013

Iron man films Informatics Part 20: Mark XXXIX, XL, XLI and XLII

The sub-orbital Armor, known as “Starboost", was designed to withstand otherworldly travel. It has an integrated, removable booster pack and zero-gravity manoeuvring thrusters placed around the suit. This suit self-destructed after Aldrich Killian and his Extremist army were defeated. It is specifically made for space travel, possibly inspired after Tony nearly died while in space, in the closing moments of the Chitauri invasion in New York.
The hyper velocity Armor, known as "Shotgun", was designed for high performances at hypersonic speeds. Thanks to its unique flight formation – the ability to lock to a tight, streamlined shape that blends arms and legs into a single form while engaged - the suit can reach extremely high speeds in excess of Mach 5. Despite its overall vulnerability, it does feature fully functional RT defences, and the razor-thin retractable forearm panels could be used as effective blade weapons. Its lighter weight and speed still makes evasive maneuver its most effective defense. This armor was worn by Tony Stark during the final showdown; it was sliced into half by Aldrich Killian seconds after Tony ejected from it.

This Skeleton Armor, known as "Bones", is a black and gold, lighter version of a full Iron Man suit. This is the first armor to feature the prehensile propulsion system, the core of what would be a finished Stark design. Created with a focus on speed and maneuverability, without the extra layers of armor, the suit can move much faster on the ground than the other suits. The suit in general feels more flexible than the others due to its unfinished nature. The key feature of the suit is that other pieces of armor can attach other pieces of armor to this base suit. Tony wore this suit to escape from Killian who was seemingly destroyed by the exploding Mark XLII armor, but the suit fell apart after a rough landing.

This Autonomic Prehensile Propulsion Armor uses technology from Mark XLI mixed with the Mark V to have multiple armor pieces propelled by mini-repulsors to fly to Tony and deploy automatically over the pilot, through state-of-the-art high-tech implants in Tony's body. Tony can call the armor back to him, break it down or assemble it on command, making him battle-ready in a matter of seconds. Tiny missiles can be fired on command from the forearm units, and the gauntlets can release a strong force-field energy sphere packed with explosive power. The new, extra powerful repulsors can fire a super-charged particle beam which can disintegrate most metals. It also has repulsors on its chest for addition lift capabilities. It features an inverse color scheme to the other main armors, with gold as the predominant color. Tony controlled this suit at several points of the movie, but most importantly he used it to trap Aldrich Killian during the final showdown and attempt to finish him off by activating the self-destruct function.

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